Tim Surman – Certified Hypnotherapist and Trauma Counsellor

BA Honours in Psychology (UNISA), Certified Hypnotherapist (SAIH), Parts Therapist (Roy Hunter Institute, USA), Adv. Trauma Counselling(UP)

Welcome To Tim Surman Hypnotherapy – Pretoria

Helping Hand Tim

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to address many problems that people are currently facing in our fast-paced lives. Peer reviewed research has consistently showed that Hypnotherapy is the most effective form of treatment for many conditions (for more please see Research Evidence page)

Feeling Tired or Emotionally Drained

Burnout is a serious concern for many, especially with the increase in work from home scenarios. We seem to be constantly at work. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for all conditions associated with Burnout.

Not Feeling Yourself Lately?

Everyone goes through rough patches in their lives, whether due to trauma or our fast-paced lives. Hypnotherapy is an effective way to unleash the New You, allowing you to conquer the world once again.